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As a profesional international mover, we offer various moving services. Through them, we always try to find the best possible ways to satisfy our clients.As we provide a wide range of moving styles, you will be sure to find the most economical style that will fit your plan and budget.

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Services Comparation Chart

Door to DoorDoor to PortDoor to DoorDoor to Port
ServiceWe pack and deliverfrom door to doorWe pack and deliverfor door to portPacked by yourself for door-to-door deliveryPacked by yourself for door-to-port delivery
Maxiumum volumeNo LimitNo LimitUp to about 2m3without big furnitureUp to 2m3without big furniture
Survey and explanation
Pre-sendingpacking materials
Outer Cartons Only

Outer Cartons Only
Simple packing
All packing
Making an inventory list
Cargo pick-up
one driver only

one driver only
Outer wooden crates
Preparing shipping documents
Custom clearance
Loading on board
Air/sea shipping
at Destination Unloading/temporary storage
Dismantling wooden crates
Custom clearance
Delivery to residence
Unpacking andplacing in respective rooms
Unpackingplates and glasses plates and glasses
Unpacking items other than those above
Assembling furniture
Removal of packing materials

How to Ship?by Air or Sea?

AdvantageFast deliveryLess expensive Comparatively soft handling
DisadvantageExpensive Rough handling at air portSlow
RemarksFreight charged by chargeable weight, which is normally approximately 50% greater than the actual weight.Normally, personal effects are calculated by volume.Bulky items cost much more to send.Freight charged by cubic meter volume only.There is generally little need for concern regarding weight.

Units to be used in the moving market are:
m3 (cubic meter) 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter
ft3 (cubic feet) 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot (35.315 ft3 = 1 m3)
For the calculation of ocean freight, normally m3 is used.
For the calculation of air freight, the heavier of either actual weight or calculated volume weight shall be adopted.

The formula for the calculated volume weight is L(cm) x W(cm) x H(cm) / 6000(cm3)

EX :

  • Actual weight : 110kg, (L100cm x W100cm x H100cm)
  • Volume weight : 100x100x100 / 6000 = 166.6kg
  • Then 166.6kg shall be adopted for the calculation of air freight

How long does the delivery to a major destination take from any Japanese port?

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